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Pocket Wi-Fi Devices to Remain Unaffected by Brexit

May 5, 2019

Right now, whatever else you might think about the current situation in the UK, everybody can agree that Brexit is a mess. At the moment, nobody knows when the UK will leave the EU, what kind of deal there will be, if there will be a deal – or even if the UK will end up leaving the EU at all.

Even at this late stage, nothing is clear, and if you are planning a trip to the UK in the coming months, you probably have a whole list of questions and not many answers. However, the good news is, we can put your mind at ease when it comes to at least one concern: Brexit will not affect travelerswifi.com’s pocket Wi-Fi devices in any way. Whether the UK decides to leave with a deal, leave with no deal or ends up remaining in the EU after all, travelerswifi.com will continue to provide exactly the same service as before.

pocket wifi brexit uk travelers wifi

Most importantly, you will still to be able to pick up a travelerswifi.com pocket Wi-Fi device at all arrival terminals at London’s Heathrow Airport, or alternatively, you will still be able to have a pocket Wi-Fi device delivered to your hotel or other preferred location as required.

All other aspects of the service will remain unchanged by Brexit, and you will still be able to use a pocket Wi-Fi device to access safe, reliable and unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi wherever you travel throughout the UK.

In or out, whatever happens when the dust settles and we find out what the UK decides, you will still have a convenient way to stay connected during your time there.

Now you know how to stay connected on your trip to the UK, click here for more information about our portable internet solution that will give you fast, reliable internet access whenever and wherever you need it.

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