Visiting Milano Furniture Fair? Get a fasts pocket wifi now.

The Milan Furniture Fair is the one the largest of this kind in the world. The fair has a long history – it was launched in 1961 as an Italian Furniture Fair but over the years in…

Eataly: A foodies guide to the land of pasta and pizza

Whenever we travel, sampling the local cooking is one of the most important ways of appreciating the culture and traditions of the places we visit, but few destinations have more to offer the roving gourmet…

قيود التطبيق المجاني للواي فاي في إيطاليا

أخيراً خرج إلى النور المشروع الذي تم طرحه في ديسمبر 2016 في إيطاليا: حيث أطلقت